Vladyslav Vyniarsky appointed Allseeds CFO

Vladyslav Vyniarsky
Vladyslav Vyniarsky, CFO Allseeds, owner of Skarb&Statok
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Vladyslav Vyniarsky has been appointed chief financial officer of Allseeds group of companies.

He is the owner of the financial company Skarb&Statok established in 2019. Previously, Vladyslav Vyniarsky held the position of deputy CEO of AgroVista agricultural holding (former UkrAgroCom&Hermes-Trading).

"18 months ago I started a business for attracting alternative financing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. During this short period, my team managed to complete a number of deals that have not been made in Ukraine in the last few years, and even in such a difficult year for investment in general and the agricultural sector in particular," commented Vladyslav Vyniarsky.

He noted that Allseeds became a client of his company Skarb&Statok, for which they attracted a credit line for pre-export financing (PXF) of USD 10 mln. And after the successful closing of the deal, Vladyslav Vyniarsky accepted the offer to become CFO.

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"Allseeds is one of the leaders in vegetable oil production and export, the company has a unique potential through competitive advantage in infrastructure and geographical location of the plant and terminal. I joined the Allseeds team to help implement ambitious projects," Vladyslav Vyniarsky said.

As a reminder, in late October 2020, one of the largest U.S. funds specializing in commodity finance concluded a USD 10 mln deal with Allseeds.

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