Allseeds raised USD 10 mln from US fund for sunflower procurement

One of the largest U.S. funds specializing in commodity finance concluded a USD 10 mln deal with oilseeds processor Allseeds.

Skarb&Statok organized the transaction performance.

The funding will be used to purchase sunflowerseeds for subsequent processing and export of sunflower oil and meal.

"This is our debut deal with our overseas partners from the United States, with whom we plan to build a long-term partnership," said the head of Allseeds Group Viacheslav Petryshche.

According to Vladyslav Vyniarsky, the owner of Skarb&Statok, in the future, this transaction will attract even more resources from American and global investors both to Allseeds and the Ukrainian agricultural sector as a whole.

"It was important to prove to the American partners that Ukraine has growing companies with a reliable reputation and top corporate governance. Despite the instability of capital markets and price volatility in commodity markets, it is possible to find a solution for a dynamically developing company," Vladyslav Vyniarsky said.

Previously reported that among the TOP 12 oilseed crushing companies in Ukraine Allseeds is rated 7th with a 3.8% market share in 2019/20.

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