A.G.R. Group acquired two agrocompanies in Kherson region

Misak Khidiryan's A.G.R. Group agricultural holding acquired two subsidiaries of the American company AG MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC, Alpha-Farm and Eurasia-Agro.

The Group's total land bank totalled over 32 thou. ha after the transaction. 2 thou. ha of farmland is irrigated.

A.G.R. Group officials noted that the acquisition of these enterprises was a strategically important event for the agroholding. The company has elaborated a plan for the development of irrigated farming, increasing crop yields, expanding the area of irrigated land, drainage systems and enhancing the agrarian potential of the holding along with various areas of crop production optimisation. It was on the basis of the irrigated land system development strategy that the company bought irrigated land in Kherson region.

"In 2021, about 1,930.1 ha of irrigated farmland in Kherson region will be covered with corn, 100 ha with soybeans, 304 ha with winter barley, 119.6 ha with winter wheat and 304 ha with second crop soybeans preceded by winter barley. Part of the unwatered land will be left for cropped and complete fallow. There will also be a number of field experiments to improve the elements of cultivation technology in the conditions of Kherson region," says Serhiy Khablak, the head of the department of implementation and monitoring of technologies in crop production at A.G.R. Group.

The sites were audited to set out the key areas for cluster development, especially in terms of technical support. The IT director of A.G.R. Group Ihor Bohdanov outlined the following steps for technology implementation at the enterprises: connection to IoT platform Agrocontrol; automation of land bank, application of GIS systems; creation of field contours with precision RTK signals, etc.

"Our goal is to bring investments to build an irrigation system in all fields of Kherson cluster, automate water and electricity consumption control, increase yields and minimise dependence on weather conditions through irrigation," stresses Ihor Bohdanov.

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Previously reported that the holding's plans for the 2021 seasoninclude both land bank expansion and own infrastructure development.

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