Photoreport: A.G.R. Group Livestock Farming

A.G.R. Group dairy farm
A.G.R. Group dairy farm
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The dairy cattle breeding business direction was established in Misak Khidiryan's A.G.R. Group back in 2016. Then the company bought three farms in Lokhvytsia district in Poltava region: in Lokhvytsia, Kharkivtsi and Vovkivske villages. The investment is quite risky, given the common situation on the dairy cattle breeding market, but at the same time, it is also promising. We have already covered in detail the cattle breeding branch of the holding in a report and an interview, but today we offer a selection of photos from the farm.

The company started its cattle breeding with three farms housing a total of 526 cows and about 700 heifers and bulls of different ages

In three years, the number of cows was increased by 140 head

Now the farm houses about 1,340 cows, 665 of which are cows

After a responsible and motivated team was formed, the farm started yielding results

After the purchase of cattle farms, A.G.R. Group invested the bulk of funds in repairs and modernization

Total milk yield at three farms today is about 12 t of milk per day – this is twice as much as in 2016

All animals here are fed exclusively with the feed of the company's own production, only sunflower cake and additives necessary for proper metabolism are purchased, including salt, soda and chalk

Animals calve in a group, and the calf is near the group for 7-10 days on average after birth

Then, if it drinks well and feels good, it is passed on to a breeder who takes care of calves until the age of 2 months

Dairy farming can be a profitable business in Ukraine if one does not pursue the instant result but objectively evaluates his own capabilities, calculates profitability and maintains a balance between technical capacity and human potential

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