Sowing Online 2020/21: sunflower planting started in Ukraine

As of April 8, spring grain and leguminous crops were sown on 853.26 thou. ha in Ukraine which makes up 11% of the planned 7.52 mln ha, the data of the Sowing Online project show.

Planted areas in Ukraine as of the reporting date:

  • wheat: 53.68 thou. ha or 30% of the planned 176.6 thou. ha
  • barley: 625.22 thou. ha, 45% of 1.39 mln ha
  • oats: 40.84 thou. ha, 21% of 194.05 thou. ha
  • peas: 132.03 thou. ha, 56% of 235.4 thou. ha
  • sugar beet: 11.47 thou. ha, 5% of 226.9 thou. ha
  • corn: 1 thou. ha of 5.33 mln ha
  • sunflower: 75.72 thou. ha, 1% of 6.4 mln ha

Spring sowing campaign has started in most of the regions.

Agricultural specialisation of regions in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

In 2021, Kernel will plant sunflower and corn on 415,000 ha.

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