Astarta launches inverted sugar syrup production

The agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv diversified its product range through the launch of a pilot project for the production of inverted sugar syrup. The first consignment of this product is to be released in August 2021.

As reported by the company, the enterprise is currently in the process of being re-equipped. A specific technological line will be installed at Novoorzhytskiy Sugar Plant in Poltava region in the first half of July. The investment is estimated at UAH 0.5 mln.

"Ukrainian beekeepers are the primary consumers of inverted syrup in the framework of the pilot project. This product can be used for bee nutrition as it helps preserving bee families and increasing their productivity. The syrup is as digestible by bees as honey. Thus, our product will allow beekeepers to increase the efficiency of their apiaries, introduce modern technologies in this process and sustain the leading position in world honey production", says project supervisor Ivan Chepak.

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Astarta marks the high demand for inverted syrup from confectionery. Thus, in case the project comes to fruition, Astarta-Kyiv is set to boost the volume of inverted sugar syrup production and expand the export geography.

In mid-May, Astarta-Kyiv started cane raw sugar processing at its sugar refinery in Polvata region, Yareskivsky Sugar Plant.

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