Spring crops planting completed by Agroliga farms

Agroliga has completed spring crops planting, wheat, barley and sunflower. The company notes that the topsoil excessive moisture complicated the completion of early cereals and industrial crops sowing.

"In the first decade of May, we continued sowing spring cereals and leguminous crops, applied fertilisers and prepared the soil for late crops planting. Fieldwork had to be stopped when it rained," the company message reads.

It is noted that high moisture levels delayed the completion of the sowing campaign, yet it increased the potential for both winter and spring crops. In addition, Agroliga expects another record harvest in Ukraine in the current production season.

The extreme temperature changes prevented the sowing campaign scheduled terms, the company implemented all complex measures within a limited period of time which allowed to form the basis for the future harvest. As reported, 92.9% of Agroliga's winter crops are now in good and satisfactory condition.

Previously the company informed about a 13% higher YoY revenue for 1Q 2021.

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