Ukraine strengthens cooperation with GAFTA

Ukraine has to establish its role on the global markets when it comes to grain policy. This particularly concerns phytosanitary issues, new approaches to the use of pesticides, the issue of traceability, etc., stated Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade Representative of Ukraine, at the meeting with the Director General of GAFTA(The Grain and Feed Trade Association) Jaine Chisholm Caunt and the Council members.

"It is important to strengthen the dialogue between trade organizations, such as the International Grains Council, GAFTA, WTO, because finding a balance in international trade is directly related to ensuring global food security. We are seeing more and more connections between Ukraine's business community and international trade organizations and we believe the development of such a dialogue is key to our trade policy," Taras Kachka observed.

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The ministry added that the meeting was highly relevant ahead of Ukraine's chairmanship in the International Grains Council.

"Usually we adopt EU policies and implement them in Ukraine, including on trade issues. However, this is not always necessary, we have to develop our own position. In particular, my task as the chairman of the International Grain Council is to draw the attention of world markets to Ukraine's grain policy," Taras Kachka marked.

As a reminder, the State Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine will digitalize quality certificates for grain to improve Ukraine's position on international markets.

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