Seaports of Ukraine shipped 28% less grain cargo in Jan-June: USPA

Seaports in Ukraine provided for the transshipment of 16.9 mln t of grain in January-June 2021, 27.6% down YoY, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) informs.

Port operators provided for the transshipment of 66 mln t of cargo, 13 mln t down from the prior-year relevant period.

In the first six months, only 2 ports exceeded last year's grain handling volumes:

  • Mariupol Sea Port: 3.3 mln t, +3.9% YoY
  • Izmail Sea Port with 1.7 mln t, +1.2% YoY

Ports having the lowest transshipment dynamics in the reporting period:

  • Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky Sea Port: 2.35 thou. t, -93.5% YoY
  • Berdyansk Sea Port: 571 thou. t, -36.7% YoY
  • The Port of Reni: 350 thou. t, - 34.6% YoY

River grain transportation has become more popular in Ukraine in recent years. Thus, Dnieper grain delivery increased by 3% YoY in Jan-May 2021.

In the 2020/21 season, grains and oilseeds export from Ukraine stood at 48.8 mln t.

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