Ukraine's 2020/21 grains and oilseeds export totalled 48.8 mln t

Ukraine completed the 2020/21 season with 48.8 mln t of grains and oilseeds export of the harvested 84.2 mln t, the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) reports.

"As far as exports by crop are concerned, wheat exports did not reach the limit set in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by market participants and the Economy Ministry. The shipment totalled 16.5 mln t (the MoU provided for 17.5 mln t) of the produced 25.3 mln t in the 2020 crop year," UGA analysts say.

Ukraine exported 4.2 mln t of barley of the gross yield of around 8 mln t and 23.5 mln t of corn (also below the indicated in the MoU 24 mln t) of the produced 30 mln t. 2.4 mln t of rapeseed was supplied to foreign markets of the gross yield of 2.6 mln t and around 1.5 mln t of soybeans of the 2.7 mln t produced in Ukraine.

Analysts suggest that Ukraine may produce a new record-high harvest of more than 100 mln t of grains and oilseeds in the new season with favourable weather conditions.

"So far, factors have all been contributing to this, and we hope that unfavourable weather conditions occurring in the regions will not damage the total volume of crops and their quality. Thus, grains and oilseeds export from Ukraine next season could exceed the 2019/20 season's mark and reach 62.3 mln t," the report reads.

Wheat production in Ukraine is projected by USDA at 29.5 mln t in 2021/22. Wheat exports are set at 20.5 mln t, ending stocks at 1.55 mln t. Corn production in Ukraine in 2021/22 is forecast at 37.5 mln t.

Soybean export from Ukraine in Jan-May 2021 dropped by 45% YoY.

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