Belarus cut sunflower meal import from Ukraine on cheaper Russian product

In September-May 2020/21, Belarus reduced imports of Ukrainian sunflower meal to 153,000 t, 42% down YoY, the APK-Inform consultancy reports.

"In the reporting period, Belarusian buyers gave preference to the cheaper Russian product, which eventually ousted the Ukrainian meal," the report reads.

According to analysts, supplies of Russian sunflowerseed meal to Belarus rose to 202,000 t in nine months of the current season, 16% up from the comparative period of 2019/20.

"Consequently, the share of the Russian product on the Belarusian market grew from 40% in the previous season to 57%. The share of Ukrainian meal was 43% compared to 60% in the previous season," add the experts.

Analysts note that for the first time the Belarusian market is dominated by sunflowerseed meal of Russian origin.

Previously reported that sunflower meal shipment from Ukraine in June dropped by 2.5% mth/mth.

Oilseed meal and cake production and export from Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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