Ukraine's organic products export in 2020 summed 332 thou. t, key importing countries

In 2020, Ukraine delivered 332 thou. t of organic products to foreign markets. The dollar value of commodities supplied is USD 204 mln, the data of the research conducted by Organic Standard in partnership with show.

The top 10 importing countries of organic products from Ukraine in 2020:

  1. Netherlands: 97.4 thou. t, USD 29.5 mln
  2. USA: 58.8 thou. t, USD 48.5 mln
  3. Germany: 41.6 thou. t, USD 27 mln
  4. Lithuania: 21.5 thou. t, USD 5.8 mln
  5. Austria: 18.6 thou. t, USD 15.8 mln
  6. UK: 16.9 thou. t, USD 3.9 mln
  7. Poland:15.3 thou. t, USD 19.6 mln
  8. Canada: 13 thou. t, USD 25.3 mln
  9. Italy: 6.8 thou. t, USD 4 mln
  10. Switzerland: 4.9 thou. t, USD 2.4 mln

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According to the research on Ukrainian organic exports in 2020, about 80 types of organic products were exported. The top 3 most exported products are corn, soybeans and wheat.

The geography of exports:

  • Europe: 73%
  • North America: 24%
  • Asia: 3%
  • Australia and Oceania: 1%

Previously reported that Astarta's organic business shipped the first consignment of organic soybean to Germany.

Organic crop production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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