Arnika delivered 15.5% of total Ukraine's organic export to EU

The agro-industrial group Arnika accounted for 15.5% of the total organic products exported from Ukraine to the EU in 2020.

The group reports on Facebook that in 2020 Ukraine exported 217.21 thou. t of organic products to the EU, ranking fourth among other exporting countries. Cereals, oilseed cake, soybeans, vegetables and fruits are the major categories of commodities exported to the EU.

Arnika exported around 34 thou. t of organic products to the EU, thus becoming one of the largest exporters of its own certified organic products.

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The share of organic soybeans grown and exported by Arnika in the total volume of organic soybean exports from Ukraine to the EU is 41.1%. In total, the EU imported 137.31 thou. t of organic soybeans in 2020 of which 28.72 thou. t were imported from Ukraine. Arnika covered 41.1% of this volume, having supplied about 12 thou. t of soybeans to the EU.

Arnika's share of organic corn exports from Ukraine to the EU reached 21.2%, under the company's data.

"Ukraine is the largest supplier of organic corn to the EU, having exported about 80 thou. t in 2020. About 22% of this volume was Arnika origins, that is about 17 thou. t of organic corn grown and exported by our company," the company says.

Ukraine exported 332 thou. t of organic products to foreign markets in 2020.

Organic crop production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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