Cereal products output in Ukraine reduced in 2020/21

Cereal products production in Ukraine in the 2020/21 season scaled down on the previous season, the consulting agency UkrAgroConsult writes.

The output drop in the largest product groups:

  • flour: 24%
  • bread and bakery: 6%
  • pasta: 9%
  • bran: 22%
  • feed: 6%
  • cereals and whole flour of soft wheat and spelt: 2%
  • half-husked, husked and broken rice: 57%

"The production of cereals and whole flour from oats, corn, rice, barley and other grains was the exception, 6% up compared to the 2019/20 season," comment the analysts.

Flour export from Ukraine as of 21 July plunged by 42% YoY. Season's 2020/21 supply totalled 124.8 thou. t, 62% down YoY.

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