Dnipro Agro Group harvests sunflower at 3.1 t/ha

Dnipro Agro Group production branches are harvesting sunflower in Dnipropetrovsk region. As reported by the company, sunflower was harvested on 26.2% of the total area as of September 16, which yielded 32.5% of the planned bulk yield.

Sunflower average yield in Dnipro Agro Group fields is 3.1 t/ha. This indicator exceeds the Group's targets and is above the Dnipropetrovsk region average.

Early grains and rapeseed are 100% cropped.

Together with the harvesting, Dnipro Agro Group farms have started the sowing campaign of winter crops for the 2022 harvest. 16.39 thou. ha is planned to be sown with winter crops in 2022. The company's total landbank is 50.25 thou. ha.

Dnipro Agro Group has completed sowing winter rapeseed, which covers 7.47 thou. ha in 2021/22. The largest share in the structure of winter crops will be taken by wheat — 8.56 thou. ha, another 0.29 thou. ha is allocated for winter barley.

"We finished sowing rapeseed at all the enterprises of Dnipro Agro Group at the same time. The weather conditions were favourable. Regular precipitation facilitated the sowing of rapeseed. Then winter wheat plantings started," adds Dmytro Guletsky, Dnipro Agro Group CEO.

Soil preparation for sunflower sowing in spring is about to start. Winter rapeseed will be treated with plant growth regulators (PGRs).

Winter crops sowing in Ukraine as of 20 September was 17% completed. The new crop progress in Ukraine as of Sept. 16 came to 45.7 mln t of grains and legumes on 10.4 mln ha. The average yield made up 4.39 t/ha.

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