Jan-Aug unrefined sunflower oil production in Ukraine 32% lower YoY

In January-August, crushing plants in Ukraine produced 2.52 mln t of unrefined sunflower, safflower oil, and fractions, the State Statistics Service figures show.

The production in the reporting period is 32.2% lower YoY. In August 2021, crude sunflower, safflower oil, and fractions outturn made up 74.37 thou. t, 43.8% lower YoY.

Statistics show that unrefined sunflower oil stocks at processing enterprises as of the end of August amounted to 41.55 thou. t, 47% or 47.6 thou. t down from July stocks (78.72 thou. t).

Crushing plants in Ukraine finalized the 2020/21 season ahead of schedule.

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Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

Sunflower production 2020 in Ukraine was finalized at 13.1 mln t on 6.4 mln ha, the average yield stood at 2.06 t/ha.

The new crop progress in Ukraine as of Sept. 16 came to 45.7 mln t of grains and legumes on 10.4 mln ha. The average yield made up 4.39 t/ha.

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