Leshchenko: Irrigation systems manufactured in Ukraine match up European

Ukrainian companies are developing technology-based integrated solutions for irrigation systems used in agriculture, competing strongly with international manufacturers, announced the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko on an official visit to Odesa region.

The primary focus of the tour was to visit domestic agricultural enterprises that operate modern Ukrainian irrigation systems: Variant Irrigation large-scale irrigation machines and drip irrigation by IRRIGATOR.

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The minister visited several fields of enterprises Agro-Olimp 2019, a subsidiary of Eridon, and Odesarybhoz.

The Minister was shown Agro-Olimp 2019 fields with complex terrain where high-performance irrigation machines with a seasonal load of 140-200 ha/1 LSIS were installed. In the construction of these machines, a 10-inch sectional pipe was used, and remote access systems were installed, which allows the customer to monitor the operation of the equipment 24/7, not even being in the field.

In the field of the farm Odesarybkhoz, a center-pivot sprinkler with a length of 600 m was demonstrated. During a season, it can be operated on several fields at once and it provides for automatic drip irrigation.

"It is pleasing to see how domestic companies are developing comprehensive technological solutions for irrigation systems in agriculture which can compete with international companies. They manufacture products of European quality, meeting the needs of the Ukrainian market and even supplying products to the CIS countries and Europe. Owing to the opportunities for development and the state support, today a domestic manufacturer creates a powerful production line, and expands it rapidly," said Roman Leshchenko.

Together with the Agrarian Minister, the local authorities also joined the tour, including Oleg Muratov, Deputy Head of the Odesa Region State Administration, and Alla Stoyanova, Director of the Department of Agricultural Policy, Food and Land Relations of the Odesa Region State Administration.

Previously reported that the EBRD considered the provision of a loan for the reconstruction of the irrigation system in southern Ukraine.

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