Variant Irrigation systems may double yield indicators: Eridon's Gryschenko

With Variant Irrigation systems, the agricultural company Eridon produced a twice as high yield of 10 t/ha as in the 'dead' zones, not reached by sprinkler machines, states Kostiantyn Gryschenko, deputy director of the agricultural production department of Eridon.

In January 2021, Agro-Olimp 2019 in Odesa region joined the company, which raised the question of installing an irrigation system in the company's fields.

"We agreed that it is a huge risk to grow crops without irrigation in the south. Therefore, we started immediately to develop a plan for 600 ha of irrigated farmland to be covered by 680 m, 750 m and 770 m irrigation machines," says Kostiantyn Gryschenko.

Eridon's deputy director marks that Variant Irrigation sprinkler machines were different from other manufacturers' models from the very beginning.

"If other manufacturers offered USD 550,000 for three units, Variant Irrigation fixed USD 440,000. I will repeat myself, the technical parameters were the same. This is how we saved USD 100,000 at the initial stage. We also had to consider the fact that the government is reimbursing 25% of the cost of ag machinery produced in Ukraine. Minus VAT, and we get another saving of USD 90,000," explains Kostiantyn Gryschenko.

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Irrigation systems are used in an area of 600 ha, of which winter wheat is 200 ha and corn covers 400 ha. The irrigation rate was 20 mm/ha, and the total for the season was about 100 mm per hectare.

"In the 'dead' zones, outside of machine's reach, we got a yield of 5-5.5 t/ha of corn, and 10 t/ha in irrigated fields. Yields are twice as high! Next year, we will select hybrids and nutrition system accordingly and it will be more intensive since there will be more moisture," stresses Kostiantyn Gryschenko.

Previously reported that the EBRD considered the provision of a loan for the reconstruction of the irrigation system in southern Ukraine.

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