Annual infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine 2020/21 released and available for download

The special edition of the annual infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine in 2020/21, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, is available online from November 2.

This year, particular attention was paid to the history of agribusiness development over 30 years, including how the impact of the agribusiness sector on the economy of Ukraine and the world has changed. This edition of Agribusiness of Ukraine in 2020/21 comprises 41 pages of infographics grouped by categories: agribusiness in 2020/21, crop production, livestock farming, processing industry, infrastructure and services, including financial.

"In collaboration with our partners, we were among the first to start compiling an annual analytical report on the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Over the years, the guide has become an integral part of the toolkit of agricultural companies for market trend analysis and strategic planning. From year to year, we observe how Ukraine strengthens its positions among the leaders of the world food market. But we believe that Ukrainian agriproducers are capable of more, and in a decade we wish to see Ukraine as a world food security center and an international hub for organic," comments Tatyana Prikhodko, CEO of Latifundist Media.

The guide will be useful to all engaged in agribusiness and related industries for it contains a detailed analysis of the market from the 1990s to the present day, the key trends of its development and prospects. Particular attention is paid to the opening of the farmland market: the phases of land reform and the expected outcome. All information and statistics are presented in easy-to-read and vivid infographics.

"During the last 30 years, Ukrainian agrarians have achieved much. This infographic guide is intended to reveal the ways of the development of Ukrainian agribusiness. Corn steadily holds the lead in exports. The area of oilseed crops grows every year. But there are also troubling issues. The first years of independence were complex for cattle breeding; a significant part of livestock was slaughtered. Insufficient irrigation is a serious problem. However, in recent years, the supply of irrigation technologies is expanding, there are programs of state support, banking services. The production of agricultural machinery is actively developing, the capacity of grain elevators is increasing, the use of fertilizers and CCPs are intensifying," marks CEO of Top Lead Stanislav Shum.

Natalia Porvina, Head of Agro Business Support Department at Credit Agricole Bank, stresses that the bank has been a partner of this project for seven years, actively participating in preparing analytics and creating content, sharing its unique financial and agrarian expertise with market participants.

"Credit Agricole Bank has been a strategic partner for agribusiness for more than 10 years. And our contribution to the development of the industry is measured not only by financial support to agricultural companies but by the fact that we create and share unique knowledge in the agribusiness," she notes. "It is important for us that everyone has access to up-to-date and reliable information, retrospective analysis of the market, on the basis of which one can make effective decisions and plan the development of one's business. We thank our partners for this project and for the seventh consecutive year we are pleased to be involved in its elaboration."

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Baker Tilly Ukraine Alexander Pochkun adds that over three decades of independent presence on the global market Ukrainian agribusiness has changed remarkably: the country has found its niche, some segments of agribusiness experienced a fall, while others have grown significantly, the moratorium on farmland sale was finally abolished. According to him, these 30 years have been a time of transformation from inefficient Soviet farming to market conditions for doing business.

"However, it's too early to claim that the transformation is over as there are new challenges. At a time when farmers are losing margins and will soon have to deal with the effects of global warming, we need to continue transforming our business on a daily basis. Ukraine can take an even more prominent place in global markets when Ukrainian agrarians, especially farmers, learn how to effectively use once-hidden resources. This study is not just a summary of the past 30 years, but an invitation to a discussion about the state of agribusiness now," he summarizes.

Limagrain Ukraine company observes that infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine every year presents indicators with positive dynamics, proving that Ukraine is a strong player on the world food market.

"There are things that producers can not influence: weather, climate and world prices. But there are things that can and should be controlled. It is production technology: what, how and under what conditions to plant. Limagrain Ukraine is not just high-quality hybrids, but also constant agronomic support and technical assistance to Ukrainian agrarians," the company says in a statement.

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