La Niña poses risks for soybean and corn in Argentina

Soil drought
Drought in Ukraine
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La Niña is expected to intricate the active vegetation period for soybean and corn in Argentina, in particular in the major production belt, the Pampas. Oilworld reports that the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange projects insufficient precipitation in January-February for the larger part of central Argentina.

Lack of moisture hinders plant yields and, consequently, crop production in Argentina.

"March will be wetter, we’ll continue to observe large pockets of drought," exchange climatologist Eduardo Sierra writes in the report.

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The rain forecast for December should supply fields with moisture before the drought takes full effect, as well as help restore river levels along Argentina's main shipping route.

Previously reported that winter crops in Ukraine and Russia are severely affected by prolonged drought in the Black Sea region.

NASA's 10-year simulations also indicate that the world corn and wheat production may shift by 2030.

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