Eleven regions of Ukraine started spring crops plating: Ag Ministry

Agricultural producers of 11 regions in Ukraine have started spring crops planting. As of 23 March, the projected area of spring crops in the controlled by Ukraine territory is 5.99 mln ha, 1.689 mln ha less from the previous season (2021: 7.679 mln ha).

The Agrarian Ministry adds that on the reporting date last year, the spring sowing campaign was not launched in Ukraine.

Winter crops are now being top-dressed with nitrogen fertilizers.

For the country's 2022 crop, winter grains and rapeseed were sown on 7.7 mln ha, 0.4 mln ha more from the 2021 sown area:

  • winter wheat and triticale: 6.5 mln ha, 0.4 mln ha more from 2021
  • winter rapeseed: 1.024 mln ha, 143 thou. ha more
  • winter barley: 1 mln ha. 45 thou. ha more
  • winter rye: 159 thou. ha, 34 thou. ha more

Earlier Continental Farmers Group (CFG) reported the launch of spring crops sowing in its fields in Western Ukraine.

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