Ukraine to harvest 65-67 mln t of grains and oilseeds in 2022: PM Shmyhal

Grains and oilseeds production in Ukraine in 2022 is projected at 65-67 mln t, 10% above the previous forecast.

"Despite all the challenges, the harvest continues. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, during the harvest period, crop harvesting was carried out on an area of 3.5 mln ha, in fact, 12 mln t of grain of the new crop was collected," said the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal.

The Head of Government conveyed his words of gratitude to the farmers who demonstrate heroism and harvest crops, especially in the areas under the shelling and those having mined fields.

The Prime Minister emphasized that thanks to the coordinated work of the state and with the leadership of the President of Ukraine, the work of Odesa seaports had actually been unblocked. On August 3, the first ship with Ukrainian grain has already passed inspection in Istanbul. According to the Head of the Government, this will provide additional opportunities for grain export and more confidence for farmers.

"In June we exported a total of 3.2 mln t of grain of the 5 mln t required. Exports are gradually increasing by rail, road, and through the Danube ports. Seaports will significantly expand these capacities and farmers will get new opportunities to sell their products. The authorities exert every effort for this purpose," the Prime Minister emphasized.

As per the preliminary forecast, corn production was expected at 24 mln t, wheat at 16-20 mln t, and barley at around 5 mln t.

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