New crop 70% harvested in Donetsk region

In Donetsk region, despite the risks of enemy shelling, the harvest is coming to an end. In the area free of russian invaders, agriproducers have already harvested 70% of the new crop, Donetsk Region State/Military Administration reports on Facebook.

"Despite the challenges, agrarians of Donetsk region continue to harvest grain and leguminous crops. In the non-occupied territory of the region, the new crop is nearing completion: 70% of the 313 thou. ha sown with grains have already been harvested," said Olena Rybakova, deputy director of the agrarian department, head of the department of land relations and digital transformation.

According to her, the harvest has slowed down a little, not only because of the safety issues but also for weather conditions.

Before the war started by russia, 1.04 mln ha of agricultural land was planned to be sown in the region. On the unoccupied territory, 313 thou. ha of grain and leguminous crops, 197 thou. ha of sunflower and 54 thou. ha of other crops were planted.

As of August 11, early crops were collected on 49% of the areas in Ukraine. The average yield stood at 3.81 t/ha.

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