Aleksandr Pan

Founder of Mak Holding «Mak Holding» «SPANG Capital»



Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Law. Major — "Constitutional Law."


Since 2005

Private entrepreneur (sole proprietor). Management of complex IT-projects, software development related to banking, financial and cryptocurrency industries, investment projects related to real estate.

Since 2013

Co-Founder and Director of DEVELOPMENT Distribution Analytics CAPITAL (software development).

Since 2017

Founder of Mak Holding.


Founder of IPAN (Kyiv), an IT startup specializing in software development and implementation of advanced technologies in the industry.

Since 2019

Founder and Director of SPANG Capital (investments in regional and European real estate).


Active mode of life.

Keen on transcendental meditation, fitness, helicopter piloting (private pilot licence (PPL) received in 2018), yachting, freediving and snowboarding.

Для того, щоб актуалізувати інформацію у розділі досьє або компанії, надішліть поновлені дані на пошту

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