Avangard may drive out Czech and Polish egg producers from the market

Czech egg producers assume that Avangardco with its low prices will be able to drive both Czech and Polish producers out of the market, iDNES.cz reports.

"Another player in the market can have a serious impact on Czech producers, who will be forced to reduce prices, since it is a decisive factor for buyers," Karel Hanzelka commented.

It is noted that Avangard production capacity is about 2.5 billion eggs per year, which exceeds the capacity of all Czech poultry farms together.

Previously it was reported that Polish egg producers were concerned about competition with Ukraine after the European Commission had authorized Avangard to export eggs to the EU.

Note: Avis, a full-cycle and fully automated egg production facility of Avangard, received approval to export class (grade) A eggs to the European Union effective from February 28, 2018. 

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