15% of the Ukrainian meat cattle concentrated in Agrain

Meat stockbreeding of Agricore Holding, a structural division of the Agrain agro group, stands at 6 thou. head. This is informed by the Head of the Livestock Branch of Agrain Yuri Gudz in the interview for Latifundist.com.

"If we talk about meat cattle, according to the State Statistics Service, as of January 1, 2018, there were 47.4 thou. head of cattle in Ukraine. If we take the real figure, which I am sure of because I travel a lot around the country, I keep in touch with colleagues, today there are about 40 thou. meat breeds. Based on the estimation that we have 6 thou., then 15% of Ukraine's livestock is concentrated in our company," he says.

The Head of the Livestock Branch of the agro group reminded that 5 years ago there was 100 thou. head of meat cattle in Ukraine.

"Even in the conditions of a reduction in the number of meat breeds in Ukraine, we are not going to follow this path," Yuri Gudz stresses.

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