Agricore Holding to export cattle to Jordan, Egypt and Libya

Agricore Holding (Agrain agro group structural division) plans to start exporting cattle to Jordan, Egypt and Libya. This was informed by Yuri Gudz, the Head of the Livestock Branch of the Agrain group.

“Today Lebanon is a priority. 95% of the total export products are delivered there. Small batches are shipped to Georgia and Azerbaijan. The work on opening new markets for the company's products continues. It is planned to make deliveries to Jordan, Egypt, and Libya,” the company noted.

According to Yuri Gudz, the year 2016 was a turning point for Agrain when the agro group began not only exporting its products but did it without the help of intermediaries. That year, the first ship with 1 thou. head of cattle headed for Lebanon.

Previously it was reported that as a result of underdeveloped beef consumer culture in Ukraine and low purchasing capacity, Agricore sends for export about 95% of its livestock.

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