MHP finalized field works 2018

The Agronomic Service of the agro-industrial holding Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) reported the completion of harvesting and sowing campaign 2018.

Aleksei Sergienko, Chief Agronomist of MHP, noted that in terms of yield the current season turned out to be successful for the agricultural holding, however, problems did appear.

By the results of harvesting, the average yield of winter wheat in the company's farms this year was 6.12 t/ha, corn — 10.21 t/ha, sunflower — 3.22 t/ha, and soybeans — 2.93 t/ha. In addition to traditional crops, niche crops — beans and lentils — yielded good results as well.

“Niche crops, namely beans and lentils, were sown on an area of 2.2 thou. hectares this year. According to the results of the harvesting campaign, beans yielded 2.5 t/ha, and lentils — 1.7 t/ha,” said Aleksei Sergienko.

Among the main problems that affected the quality of crops this year the chief agronomist named pests, summer rains and the diseases caused by them.

Sowing of winter crops is completed on the company's fields. Traditionally, winter crops and rapeseed occupy 25% in the MHP crop pattern. According to Aleksei Sergienko, sowing was carried out in optimum time.

Controlling the wintering of crops, the company is already preparing for spring planting. Next season, late crops will be planted in 70% of the areas. The crop pattern includes corn, sunflower, soybean and niche crops.

Previously it was reported that MHP was recognized as a leader in the nomination “A system approach to managing and introducing cleaner production technologies” in the year 2018.

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