MHP, Agrain, Kusto Agro, Ukrlandfarming and Grano Group pioneer the agribusiness simulation championship

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On February 12th, at 12 a.m., the First Winter Agrarian Business Modeling Championship held by FarmForesight and started.

39 teams joined the agrarian battle:

Student teams participation became possible due to the support of the championship provided by large agribusiness.

From February 12th to February 24th, teams will demonstrate their skills in doing agribusiness online. On February 28th, the top four teams will meet offline in Kyiv at the final of the First Winter Agribusiness Championship. The winning team will become online champions of Ukraine in agribusiness and will receive a five-fold capital return.

The rating data will be updated twice a day.

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FarmForesight Agribusiness Simulator is a unique product created at the interface of agrarian statistics, IT-technologies, the gaming industry and business modelling.

This is a business modelling of management and agrarian decisions in crop production at all stages from crop planning to product marketing.

The model is based on the 20 years of statistical data from all over Ukraine, analytical algorithms and cause-effect relationships, as well as expert opinion of farmers.

Simple modern design and gamification make it possible for specialists of any level to try their hand at management decisions.

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