Interproekt GmbH engineers Kernel's new crushing plant

A new crushing plant of the Kernel company in western Ukraine, the Starokostiantyniv crushing plant, is engineered by the Interproekt GmbH engineering company, informs.

“This is one of the first complexes of such capacity and level of processing volumes. The ecosystem of the processing plant will include not only a plant with extraction and refining workshops, a complex for the storage and processing of raw materials, but also its own thermal power plant. The thermal power plant will produce enough electricity and steam for the entire infrastructure of the enterprise. Besides, the company will be able to sell electricity at a green tariff,” commented Andrei Mazurenko, Project Manager at Interproject GmbH.

As it is stated in the message, the key advantage of the plant will be the production of a high-quality product, providing Kernel with a competitive advantage in world markets.

Earlier it was reported that Kernel initiated the construction of the Starokostiantyniv crushing plant. The designed capacity of the enterprise is 1 million ton per year.

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