GM soybeans production in Ukraine reaches 60 pct

Pavel Volynets, Agronomist at Agritema
Pavel Volynets, Agronomist at Agritema
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Ukrainian agrarians often give preference to GM seeds in contrast to colleagues from other countries. Thus, the volume of GM soybeans in the country has reached 60%. Such an opinion is expressed by Pavel Volynets, Agronomist at Agritema.

The expert noted that it is impossible to control the quality of such seeds. The agrarians plant the fifth or sixth reproductions, they are harvestless and heavily affected by diseases. However, due to the fact that the cost of growing GM soybean is low, small agribusinesses sow it.

"When growing traditional soybeans, mistakes made during the application of a plant protection agent cannot be corrected during the vegetation period. For example, the period for applying herbicides is very short, soybean should have no more than 2 leaves. Late application will no longer correct the situation and soybeans will be contaminated. In the case of GM soybeans, glyphosate can be introduced at any time and always produce more or less good results. Therefore, GM soybean is popular among small-scale producers who do not have their own sprayers, and lack agronomic expertise. Therefore, it is in demand among them. It is easier to grow, predictable and stable," explained Pavel Volynets.

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AgentGreen Association reports that it is not advantageous for Ukraine to grow the GM soybeans if it wants to develop and increase its share in the European and Chinese markets. These countries do not consume transgenic products. Although China buys transgenic soybeans in Latin American markets.

According to Volodymyr Fantuh, Head of Ukrlandfarming Agribusiness Development and Innovation, the price for soybean must be at least USD 400/t to reach the margin.

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