Container sunflower meal exports from Ukraine reached 304 thou. t since the season's start, key suppliers

Allseeds Group has exported 64 thou. t of sunflower meal from Ukraine since the start of 2019/20. Thus, the company's share in the total supply of the product equals 21%.

Ukraine's containerized sunflower meal trade has reached 304 thou. t from the start of 2019/20.

The TOP 5 exporters from Ukraine includes the following companies:

  • Allseeds Group — 64 thou. t;
  • ViOil — 36 thou. t;
  • GradOil — 20 thou. t;
  • Gidrotorgservis — 18 thou. t;
  • Pervomaisky — 17 thou. t.

"Allseeds was the first company to use international container lines for the export of vegetable oils and protein products from Ukraine," the company says in a statement.

As a reminder, palm oil prices’ fall weakened the sunflower oil that retreated by -75 to -80 USD/t during last month to deal between 695 and 700 USD/t FOB.

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