Ukroilprom Association rated refined sunflower oil producers in Sep-Mar 2019/20

As of April 1 2019/20(September-August), companies in Ukraine produced 532.6 thou. t of refined sunflower oil, the Ukroilprom Association reports.

Delta Wilmar CIS company produced the largest volume of the product in the reporting period accounting for 17.1% of the market.

The rating of the key refined sunflower oil producers (by market share) includes:

  1. Delta Wilmar Ukraine (a subsidiary of Delta Wilmar CIS): 17.1%;
  2. Dnipropetrovsk Oil Crushing Plant (Bunge): 15.4%;
  3. Poltava Oil Crushing Plant (Kernel): 10.1%;
  4. Prykolotne Oil Crushing Plant (Kernel): 8.5%;
  5. Oliyar: 7.9%;
  6. Viktor & K: 6.5%;
  7. GradOil Refinery: 6.3%;
  8. UKROLIYA: 5.6%.

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Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

As a reminder, Ukrainian vegetable oil companies produced 4.21 mln t of basic types of oil in Q1 2020. European Transport Stevedoring Company, a Bunge subsidiary, produced the largest volume of unrefined sunflower oil in this period.

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