CFG launches online reporting on taxes and social investment

Continental Farmers Group (CFG) launched an online reporting platform showing detailed information in a real-time mode about company’s paid taxes and social investments in each region of its presence for the period starting 2019 and until the present.

The online resource functions as an interactive map that also shows Continental Farmers Group land bank, company’s production facilities and other assets in the five regions of Western Ukraine.

Using a convenient and transparent tool, each shareholder now may independently learn about the company’s activities in the territory of their region or town in the shortest time possible.

“Open and transparent work is a foundation of reliable and long-term cooperation. We want each shareholder, representative of the local authorities or resident of the town, in which our company operates, to have equal and permanent access to information about the funds allocated for community development and to the budgets,” Georg von Nolcken, Continental Farmers Group CEO, noted. “In such a way we strive to become close to our partners and to the people who entrusted us with their land. We aim to demolish all barriers to communication with them and become a model of socially responsible business with a strong international investor in the Ukrainian agricultural market.”

Previously the company informed about the completion of spring crops sowing campaign. The agroholding sowed a total of 89.5 thou. ha of spring crops for the 2020 harvest.

As a reminder, the SALIC Ukrainian subsidiary, CFG (Continental Farmers Group), completed the merging of businesses with Mriya Agriholding. Since June 2019, the combined company works under a single brand, Continental Farmers Group, cultivating land in 5 regions of Western Ukraine. The re-launched company received a renewed brand identity.

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