A.G.R. Group commissioned first phase of grain elevator in Sumy region

Seredyna-Buda grain elevator of A.G.R. Group in Sumy region
Seredyna-Buda grain elevator of A.G.R. Group in Sumy region
Photo by: Elevatorist.com

Seredyna-Buda grain elevator was commissioned on July 10 in Sumy region. The facility is a structural division of Misak Khidiryan's A.G.R. Group. The storage capacity of the first phase is 28 thou. t, Elevatorist.com writes.

"This is the first grain elevator, the first test of entering a new kind of business — grain handling and storage. We deliberately made it expensive enough and technologically complicated to emphasize our commitment to the business. We also plan to increase the capacity of the elevator, and we are thinking about further construction of new elevators. So this is just the beginning of a long-term path for the agricultural holding," Igor Shestopalov, Chairman of A.G.R. Group, commented on the opening of the enterprise.

President of the company Misak Khidiryan expressed his gratitude to all partners who took part in the construction and explained why A.G.R. Group took up such a project.

"Originally we started operations in the region to produce more grain. But then we realized that in Chernihiv and Sumy regions, there was not enough capacity to handle even what we had grown. Without an elevator, there is no point in buying land, as then we will have to work all the time in the negatives," said Misak Khidiryan.

All technological processes at the elevator have been fully automated: the number of employees will total of 21 specialists.

The storage capacity of the first phase of Seredyna-Buda elevator is formed by four TORNUM silos on a flat base with the storage capacity of 7 thou. t each. In addition, several operatives with a total capacity of 2 thou. t were installed.

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The company's management stressed that grain reception will be free for farmers. The elevator will take in 3 thou. t of grain daily. On the territory, there are 5 railway lines, railway scales, so that the enterprise will be able to load the route within 24 hours.

Grain dryer and transport equipment installed are also by TORNUM. The dryer's capacity is 52 t/hour with moisture removal from 28% to 14% on corn, and transport equipment 150 t/hour.

Grains will be cleaned at Seredyna-Buda elevator with two OLIS separators.

The laboratory is equipped with the Infratec 1241 express analyzer. Elevatorpromservice automatic sampler is also installed at the enterprise.

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As a reminder, the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) extended the loan agreement with A.G.R. Group.

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