Corn export from Ukraine in 2019/20: largest shippers

Corn preserved its leading position in terms of shipment volume — 29.67 mln t accounting for a half (49.4%) of the total grain exports in 2019/20, a Stark Shipping report data show.

Demand for Ukrainian corn remained at the level of the previous season — 29.04 mln t. In the 2019/20 season, shipments have increased by 623.59 mln t.

The TOP 10 corn exporters from Ukraine in 2019/20:

  1. Kernel: 5.4 mln, 1.09 mln t more YoY
  2. COFCO Agri Ukraine: 3.46 mln t, +92.73 thou. t
  3. ADM Trading Ukraine: 2.05 mln t, –158.8 thou. t
  4. Louis Dreyfus Company Ukraine: 1.8 mln t, +227.4 thou. t
  5. Bunge Ukraine: 1.78 mln t, +223.37 thou. t
  6. NIBULON: 1.74 mln t, –467.9 thou. t
  7. Glencore Agriculture Ukraine: 1.6 mln t, –37.1 thou.
  8. Cargill: 1.47 mln t, –12.36 thou. t
  9. Sierentz Global Merchants: 1.39 mln t, +360.36 thou. t
  10. Agroprosperis: 1.32 mln t, –7.95 thou. t

As reported, about 10 mln t of grain was shipped from the ports of Mykolaiv and Chernomorsk each, and the ports of Odesa and Pivdenny each exported 5 mln t.

The bulk volume of grain (about 18 mln t) was loaded onto Panamax type vessels with further delivery to China, South Korea and Iran, the Netherlands, Spain and Egypt. More than 11 mln t of ag commodities were shipped via Handysize and Handymax to Europe.

As a reminder, since the start of 2020/21, staple grains export shipment from Ukraine has reached 1.14 mln t. As of July 24, agricultural commodities shipment reduced by 1.32 mln t from the prior year's comparative period, 2.43 mln t.

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