September soybean export from Ukraine close to 60 thou. t

Soybean export shipment from Ukraine in September stood at 57.3 thou. t for the amount of USD 21.57 mln, the data of the State Customs Service of Ukraine show.

In 9M 2020, soybean supply reached 888.59 thou. t worth USD 314.49 mln.

The major importing countries:

  • Belarus: 188.2 thou. t, USD 66.61 mln, 21.18% of the total supply
  • Turkey: 180.38 thou. t, USD 63.83 mln, 20.3%
  • Greece: 91.96 thou. t, USD 33.55 mln, 10.35%
  • other: 428.03 thou. t, USD 151.48 mln, 48.17%

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As of October 26, agriproducers in Ukraine harvested 66.8 mln t of main crops on 21.03 mln ha, of which grains and legumes total 50.5 mln t harvested on 12.9 mln ha, making up 84% of the planned areas.

Soybean campaign progressed to 2.2 mln t on 1.08 mln ha, or 80% of the planned areas. The crop yielded 2.02 t/ha on average.

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