AMCU authorized Viktor Ivanchyk for acquisition of Astarta's company

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) authorized the Sovereign investment fund to acquire a part of LLC APK Savynska, a subsidiary of the agro-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv.

The relevant acquisition provides for an excess of 50% of votes in the supreme governing body of the company.

The core company's activity, according to Astarta's latest annual report, is sugar production. It is based in Savyntsi village, Balakliia district of Poltava region.

According to the analytical system YouConrol, the ultimate beneficiary of APK Savynska is Astarta's co-owner and CEO Viktor Ivanchyk. LLC Firm Astarta-Kyiv, LLC APO Tsukrovyk Poltavshchyny and LLC Agricultural company Dovzhenko are the founders of the legal entity. The ultimate beneficial owners of the Sovereign investment fund are Sofia Plastun and Igor Shevchenko.

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Previously reported that Astarta-Kyiv will dispose of two sugar plants in Kharkiv region — Savyntsi and Novoivanivka, according to Viktor Ivanchyk.

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