Oilseeds production expected 15% lower from 2019/20

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The Association Ukroilprom cut its estimate of the oilseed crops production in Ukraine in 2020/21 to 18.85 mln t, 3.38 mln t or 15% lower YoY (2019/20: 22.23 mln t).

Experts project oilseeds processing at 14.3 mln t, which is 2.3 mln t lower on the previous season. The forecast for oilseeds processing in 2020/21 by crops:

  • sunflowerseeds: 13 mln t, 2 mln t
  • soybean: 1 mln t, 0.2 mln t
  • rapeseed: 0.3 mln t, 0.1 mln t

As of November 1, the State Statistics data show, oilseeds production in Ukraine totalled:

  • sunflowerseeds: 12.75 mln t (November 1, 2019: 14.92 mln t)
  • soybean: 2.35 mln t (3.5 mln t)
  • rapeseed: 2.58 mln t (3.3 mln t)

New harvest sunflower campaign as of November 16 progressed to 99%: agriproducers in Ukraine harvested 12.9 mln t of the crop using the average yield of 2.04 t/ha.

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