EU accounted for 68% of Ukraine's oilseeds and products export in 2020

Europe was the largest buyer of Ukrainian sunflowerseed and other oilseed products (incl. mustard, flax, soybeans and rapeseed) in the calendar year 2020, stated the Head of Expert Group at UBTA Oleksandra Avramenko in the framework of the fifth anniversary presentation of the Agrarian Portfolio-2021 research, reports.

According to her, Europe was the key buyer of Ukrainian sunflower oil and oilseed products with the 68.8% share (EU: 68.1%) of Ukrainian exports of oilseeds. The Middle Eastern countries imported 17.8% of the total Ukraine's oilseed products shipment in 2020.

The largest markets for oilseeds and oilseed products exported from Ukraine in 2020:

  • Europe: 68.8%
  • Middle East: 17.8%
  • Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU): 7.9%
  • Africa: 2.7%
  • Asia: 1.5%
  • Southeast Asia: 1%
  • Americas: 0.2%

As reported, Ukrainian oilseeds are traded by 1,186 exporters supplying products to 92 export markets.

New crop sunflower was 5% harvested in Ukraine as of 9 September. This oilseed crop yielded 2.08 t/ha on average.

In early September, oil crushing plants in Ukraine started processing sunflowerseeds.

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