Brazil started 2021/22 soybean planting

In the state of Paraná in southern Brazil, farmers have planted 3% of the planned soybean areas for the 2021/22 crop, as per the data of the Department of Rural Economy (Deral), Soybean & Corn Advisor reports.

Most of the soybeans planted so far are in the southern part of the state, where precipitation is higher.

The Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (Imea) reported last Friday that 0.28% of soybeans in the state were planted, the 5-year average. The larger share of the soybeans planted is irrigated.

Reportedly, the soybean crop will be ready for harvest in late December or early January.

Besides insufficient precipitation, some agriproducers are still waiting for the delivery of fertilizers and chemicals because of supply problems and logistical bottlenecks at Brazilian ports. In some cases, agrarians are even waiting for deliveries of previously purchased equipment that has been delayed due to material shortages and COVID-19 restrictions.

In the municipality of Campos de Julio in western Mato Grosso, farmers have entered into forward contracts for 35%-40% of anticipated output.

The USDA Oilseeds update provides no changes in soybean production forecast for Brazil in 2021/22 — the country's production is forecasted at 144 mln t, unchanged from the August report.

The USDA. Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade. September 2021

As of 23 September, soybean harvesting in Ukraine was completed on 21% of the projected area. The average yield made up 2.36 t/ha.

Soybean production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

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