Libya allows Ukrainian pedigree cattle to its market

The authorities of Ukraine and Libya have agreed on a bilateral form of a veterinary certificate for the export of pedigree cattle from Ukraine to Libya, the SSUFSCP reports.

"Libya is an important export market for Ukraine on many commodity items. Now Ukrainian livestock breeders have an opportunity to export pedigree cattle to Libya. This means new opportunities for business to develop," says Vladyslava Magaletska, head of SSUFSCP.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba marks again that the two authorities continuously address the issue of access to new opportunities for domestic exporters in foreign markets.

"We advance Ukrainian economic interests on the large consumer market of African countries as well. Consistent efforts bring tangible results for Ukrainian business. Today it is additional access for Ukrainian companies of the livestock industry to the Libyan market," he adds.

In October 2020, the two countries reached an agreement on the livestock export to Libya.

Earlier this year, Libya authorized Ukrainian milk and dairy producers to export products to its market.

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