NIBULON fulfils obligations to the Bank as scheduled — Usov

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Information, which claims that NIBULON is about to default to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), does not correspond to reality.

This was announced by Senior Adviser to the EBRD in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus Anton Usov on his Facebook page.

"The financial performance analysis for 9 months of 2016, provided by StockWorld sources close to the fiscal services, led them to the conclusion that NIBULON is under the threat of default to the EBRD. As the official representative of the creditor (the EBRD), I declare that this information does not correspond to reality. The company is on schedule to fulfil its obligations," said Anton Usov.

Here is to remind that the company denies such information, claiming that NIBULON completed the last marketing year with positive financial results, which provide continuous operational activities of the company as well as the possibility to successfully and timely implement the previously initiated investment projects, and also plan new projects in river transport, shipbuilding, grain and other business.

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