TFI PZU SA decreased its stake in Kernel to 9.23%

TFI PZU SA, acting for and on behalf of investment funds, reduced its stake in Kernel to 9.23% by selling 850,000 shares in transaction on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

As of November 7th 2017, TFI PZU Funds held 7,562,562 shares in the company, representing 9.23% of the share capital and entitling it to 7,562,562 votes at the Kernel General Shareholders' Meeting, equal to 9.23% of the total number of votes.

Before the disposal, TFI PZU Funds held 8,412,562 shares in the company, representing 10.27% of the share capital of the company.

Earlier it was reported that Namsen Limited, a legal entity directly controlled by Andrey Verevskiy, a chairman of the Board of Directors of Kernel, increased its stake in the company to 38.39%. 

On October 18th 2017, NN OFE notified Kernel that it had disposed 132,317 shares of the company in transactions on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, settled on October 12th, 2017 and decreased its holding in the company’s shares below 5% of the total number of votes on the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Reference: the number of Kernel's registered shares amounts to 81.94 million.

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