Galeks-Agro holds a 20% share of the Swiss organic flour market

The holding, which is presented by the Galex Agro, Agrovest Group, Organic Milk and Organic Meat Product enterprises, holds 20% of the organic flour market in Switzerland.

According to Elena Stretovich, the director of Organic Milk and Organic Meat Product enterprises, all the companies of the holding are engaged exclusively in organic production.

The enterprises are certified by the Organic Standard company. Specialists from Switzerland also come to Ukrainian fields, conduct testing and certification. Organic flour is exported for the eighth year in a row.

The enterprises produce dairy and meat products, marbled beef. The company launched the production of organic semi-finished products, etc. The opening of a workshop for the production of hard cheeses is intended.

Learn more about the holding's businesses and the Organic Milk enterprise in particular in the second edition of the We Make Food project.

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