The largest recipients of livestock subsidies announced

5 agro-companies received livestock subsidies in the first half of 2018 shared a document signed by the Deputy Director of the Department of Agrarian Policy and Agriculture of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Reference: Ukrainian government allocated 6.5 billion UAH to agricultural development in 2018.

According to the document, the amount of compensation depends on the value of the facility, which the agro-enterprise puts into operation or reconstructs. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, these five companies received a total of UAH 220.1 million subsidies for putting into operation / reconstructing livestock facilities worth UAH 733.7 million.

The following companies received the subsidies:

  1. Progress – 5.9 million UAH (the cost of the facility under construction/reconstruction– 196 million USD). The owner is Anatoly Vitruk.
  2. Vinnytsia Poultry Farm declared 2 facilities and got UAH 95.7 million (the facility cost was UAH 319 million) and UAH 91.8 million (the facility cost was UAH 306.1 million) of compensation. The owner is Yuri Kosyuk.
  3. Genetic-Invest (pig breeding) – 2 facilities: UAH 2.4 million (the facility cost was UAH 8 million) and 70 thousand UAH (the facility cost was UAH 235 thousand). The owner is Maksym Machek.
  4. Urmanske (part of the Agroprodservice group of companies) – 1.6 million UAH (the facility cost was UAH 5.4 million). The ultimate beneficial owner is Andrei Baran.
  5. Agrarian Company 2004 (part of the VITAGRO group of companies) –2 facilities: UAH 11.9 million for the first facility costing UAH 39.6 million and UAH 10.8 million for the second facility costing UAH 35.9 million. The owner is Sergiy Labazyuk, MP.

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