Ukrlandfarming strengthened its positions in EBA

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Ukrlandfarming Group of companies owned by Oleg Bakhmatyuk joined the Logistics Committee of the European Business Association (EBA), Ukranews informs.

The Group of companies joined the EBA in October 2018 as the largest vertically integrated agricultural holding in Ukraine, cultivating 570 thou. ha and managing the grain storage capacities of 2.6 million tons. Most of the elevator complexes have access to railway lines that connect storage facilities with the national transport network Ukrzaliznytsia. Enterprises of the Group transport grain and other food products from all regions of the country to ports and buyers, therefore they have a significant share of operating activities in logistics.

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“Ukrlandfarming is a powerful producer of grain, meat and milk. The Group manages enterprises in 22 regions of the country. Logistics is one of the important activities of the company. In an effort to influence the development of the country's economy, we are ready to share our experience in logistics activities with agricultural companies and with other industries, the Group comments on the motives for joining the EBA Logistics Committee. “We believe that through joint efforts the EBA will be able to gradually change the logistic system of Ukraine for the better, and we are proud to be a part of such changes.”

Except for Ukrlandfarming, the Logistics Committee includes such agrarian companies as Astarta-Kyiv, Kernel, CargillBunge, and operators of other industries.

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