Ukrainian top-managers rated by the level of wages

Six top-managers of the Ukrainian agricultural companies are listed in the rating of highly paid executives compiled by the Page.

“The salary of a top manager consists of base and bonuses. The paid full package of bonuses, payments and compensations may total much more. In compiling the rating, the data on net salaries provided by the five largest HR agencies in the country were taken into account,” the rating authors note.

In the TOP 30, the following representatives of Ukrainian agribusiness are included:

  1. Borys Krasnyansky, Managing Director of Group DF (includes SSP Nika-Tera and Ostchem) — USD 40 thousand (the level of basic monthly net salary);
  2. Yevgeny Osipov, CEO of Kernel — USD 40 thousand;
  3. Sergei Krolevets, owner of the Eridon company — USD 25 thousand;
  4. Fortunato Guadalupi, CEO of TERRA FOOD —USD 25 thousand;
  5. Pierre Cohadon, General Director of Syngenta in Ukraine — USD 20 thousand;
  6. Nathalie Alquier, Director General of Danone — USD 20 thousand.

Reference: the rating includes only those top-managers who are neither owners nor founders of big companies as they cannot be considered hired workers. The companies with vacant CEO positions were also not taken into account. However, Eridon owner Sergei Krolevets is listed in the TOP 30.

The rating of the TOP 100 wealthiest people of Ukraine includes a considerable number of businessmen engaged in agribusiness.

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