AMCU sent no official case notification, MHP statement

On June 27th, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) published on its official website information on the start of the investigation into the actions of Myronivsky Hliboproduct agro-industrial holding (MHP), including the company's five poultry farms, in the chicken meat market. According to the AMCU statement, the holding conducts a restrictive trade policy towards distributors, subdistributors and partners.

The company reacted to this information with an official statement.

"At the moment, MHP received neither official notification from AMCU about the initiation of the case on the grounds of monopoly position abuse nor any other official documents or requests on this matter. After MHP receives official documentation from AMCU on the start of the investigation, the company will assist AMCU officials and provide the necessary data," the company specified.

In its official statement on the situation, MHP states that the company adheres to the current legislation of Ukraine, including the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Economic Competition.

According to the report, over the last three years, MHP has been actively cooperating with AMCU, providing all the necessary information in accordance with official requests or requirements of the Committee.

"We would like to stress that MHP operates within the framework of the Ukrainian legislation and MHP trade policy in the distribution of chicken, has never limited the right of other market participants to freely choose their partners and has not imposed its rules of conduct on other market participants. MHP considers groundless and unfounded all the points of the study AMCU cites in its report," the company added.

Previously MHP published the interim financial report on the results of the first quarter of 2019.

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