Railway grain deliveries to Ukrainian ports limited for the third time in 2019

For the third time during 2019, the rail carriers have been pushed to limit the traffic from main producing areas to the forts as stations close to terminals are unable to manage the current circulation, Agritel reports.

To avoid this problem, exporters tried to be proactive in transporting a maximum of grains in advance to ease the flows during autumn.

"A break of three days has been decided. Some cargoes about to load will have to remain docked for a few days more," the message reads.

Every year at the same time, there are problems to transport the cereals toward the Ukrainian ports, analysts note. This situation is offering selling opportunities to operators able to deliver goods by trucks.

As a reminder, in the week of Oct. 19–25, staple grains shipment in Ukrainian seaports totalled 1.87 mln t, 2.5x higher from the previous week (776 thou. t).

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